Love Like a Faithful Servant

A couple weeks ago, my roommate and I volunteered for a clothing drive for a local church. We brought out a ton of clothing and other miscellaneous items for families and individuals in need to come and take whatever they needed. It was great to see the excitement and joy in the faces of all who came, but what left the biggest impression on me was an older couple who headed the event.

I don’t recall their names, but I remember the scene perfectly:

I stood in the doorway of the shed where items for the drive were stored. In front of me was a small group of other helpers, and we all waited for further instructions. In utter awe, the man watched his wife in the distance who was walking around the church campus managing the event. His eyes were fixed on her constant movement, and he expressed aloud to another helper his thoughts.

“She’s amazing,” he said.
“She’s incredible.” he said.

And he repeated himself, adding anecdotes to back up his statements. His face radiated love and joy. He is in love with his wife. He is still amazed by her after many years together. He didn’t take her for granted, and he didn’t get bored with her. Their love is still fresh.

I can’t help but want a marriage with never aging love.  I can’t help but want to live a happily ever after with someone who will always give me butterflies in my stomach. I can’t help but want to love like this man loves his wife.

What would the world be like if we all loved each other the way this man was taken away by the love for his wife? What if we all admired each other’s characteristics and qualities? What if we all respected each other in the same manner?

What if we all loved God the way this man loved his wife? What He was constantly on our minds? What if our eyes were always fixed on Him in awe? What if we humbly realized God’s greatness, His power, wisdom, and justification? What if we were always faithful to God?

The truth is, we are all unfaithful to God. We do wrong, we take our eyes off of Him. We forget about His power. Sometimes we become bored with His word, or the message that is being shared with us. Many of us lose the excitement of worship, and we plateau after spiritual highs.

But God’s love for us is always fresh. His love is unfailing. He still gets excited when we give our lives to Him and return to Him. He never gets bored with us, and He is with us always. He has so much to show us, more than we could ever dare to ask or imagine. He is faithful.

My new goal is to love the way God loves. I am striving to look at others as God’s creation, people for us to love the way God does. I want to love God back, and I can’t help but desire to love Him with the uncomprehending love that he has for us. I want to be a faithful servant of Christ. I want to show others the Love of Christ, and I want to have a perspective on the world that stems from love. For God is love, and I cannot even imagine how much I am missing from looking through my own lenses.

And it’s always fresh; it never gets old.

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  1. Carol vitale says:

    You are so right. And I am in awe of my Savanna


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