Halloween Wandering

To celebrate Halloween last week, some friends and I decided to spend the evening visiting a farm with a corn maze and a random haunted house found online. Each place was located about 30 minutes from campus, but because we all had working phones with navigation, none of us worried about finding our destination. However, after exiting Searcy, we quickly remembered that our small town is surrounded by several miles of corn fields and flat land with little to no cell phone service

It only took us two attempts and twice the estimated time to find the farm. We enjoyed a hot bonfire, a small petting zoo, and an almost impossible corn maze (we are just really good at getting lost). We stayed at the farm hanging out and drinking hot chocolate until the sun set. Next, it was time to navigate our way to the anticipated Haunted house.

We found ourselves getting turned around several times in unfamiliar places. Each of our phones took us in different directions. Soon, the sun fell and darkness set in around us. Some of the group became frustrated, some anxious, while others sat back and enjoyed the ride.

Nearly five hours after leaving campus we arrived at our destination We walked through the amateur, yet terrifying, haunted pull barn and found our way back home with more ease.

Though the night was not one we had hoped for or imagined, it was a memory that brought us close together. We were forced to problem solve and communicate with one another to safely find our way back home.

We all find ourselves lost in this adventure of life. Sometimes we feel like the sun has set on us and nothing is clear. Sometimes we feel like we are only driving further down a dark road with no cell phone service or means of navigating.

I think this is why God emphasis the importance of community- to help each other during our times confusion, grief, loneliness, insecurity, or wandering. We were created to work together. Sometimes we may get frustrated, and sometimes we may get anxious, but sometimes we just need sit back and find peace in one another.

God brought the Israelites out of the desert, so why not us? It may have taken 40 years, but they had the treasure of community, and maybe the time spent together and experience shared brought them closer together.


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