A Letter to God from His Daughter

Dear God,

You are SO Good, and Your mercy endures forever. I know You are with me. I know You love me more than any human could ever comprehend, I know You will use me for Your will. Thank You for always being with me and wrapping Your loving arms around me. Thank You for staying close, teaching me and disciplining me. Thank You for holding my hand when I’m lost and having my back when I’m nervous to take the next step. Thank You for protecting me even when I’m ignorant of danger.

Thank You for providing for me – a loving family and comfortable home. It breaks my heart that such a large portion of Your people do not have one or both of these things, but I realize that You have commanded me to attend to them, your flock. Teach me, Lord, how to live with such great faith, as so many people without family, homes or even shoes do. Teach me to rely on You as they do.

Please give me the courage and guidance to pursue those who don’t know Your Love. Please help me life the holy and righteous life you have called me to in order to help others understand exactly what it means to follow You because so often I feel as though I am the only one who gets it.

Give me a gentle and quiet spirit to represent You. Show me how to be a righteous woman in a world that has fallen so far from you, Lord. Break my heart for what breaks Yous, and Love others through me. Help me to confront the lukewarm and the lost because neither of us wants them going to hell.

Thank You for opening so many doors for me, even when I often choose not to walk through them. Thank You for early morning pep talks and late night heart evaluations. Thank You for knees to kneel before your Glory and Hands to lift up to you in surrender.

Thank You for softening my prideful heart, even when it requires a couple hard punches. Thank You for breaking my heart and piecing it back together so that it resembles You more accurately. Thank You for listening to my complaints, cries, and commands in the process quietly with Love. Thank You for Your peace and reminding me to be still and know that You are God, and I don’t even compare, but You love me anyway.

God, thank You for forgiving me when I can’t forgive myself. Thank You for sacrificing Your Son for me so I may dwell with You, even when I don’t deserve advocacy. Thank You for painting such a colorful picture of my life with all the different twists, turns, ups and downs. I am so excited to see what You do in the future because I know You will do immeasurably more than I could dare to hope for or dream of.

Thank You for providing me and all Your children such a great cloud of witnesses for us to follow and to encourage us. Thank You for the community You provide us because we cannot walk the journey of a Jesus follower alone.

Thank You for the Truth, the Life, and the Way. But most of all, thank You for choosing ME to be Your daughter, heir and friend. You’re the best Father any girl could ask for. You’re out of this world (literally).


Your daughter and trainee


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