Gospel for Aisa Post: Shiuli

You’re 21, newly widowed, and a mother of three young daughters. You live far from family and friends. You slowly watch your youngest die of malnutrition because you cannot provide for your family.

This is only the beginning of a Nepalese woman named Shiuli. Shiuli was arranged to marry her husband, Tarun, at 14. She was raised in a small mountain village of Nepal, but after marriage, Tarun decided the couple would move to the bustling capital, Kathmandu.

Tarun and Shiuli found work. Shiuli had her three children. After seven years of marriage, Tarun became ill and died.

Shiuli couldn’t provide for her children.

In desperate search for help, Shiuli visited many religious centers and made sacrifices hoping for answers, but none came until Christian women interrupted her at work. The women told her about Christ,and Shiuli shared her story with them. The women told Shiuli about the hope and peace in God and how he frees people of burdens. They connected her to a Gospel for Asia-sponsored church where she learned more about Jesus and accepted Christ as her Lord.

Shiuli and her family would not have learned and experienced  the Love of Christ without the women missionaries. In 1 Peter 3:1-2, Peter writes that an unbelieving man may be won over to Christ from the actions of his believing wife. Many women in Asia are not reached by the Gospel because of barriers in the culture. Sometimes women are the only way to share the Gospel with other women and, consequently, entire families.

“The Lord has blessed me in such a wonderful way that He has provided shelter, food, special care and attention through His people,” Shiuli said. “The most important thing is I am receiving fellowship.”

Learn more about Gospel for Asia and read true stories of the people being affected here.



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