When We Choose

My favorite movie of all time is Jurassic Park. I love all four of them. I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of bringing to life prehistoric creatures, creatures mysterious to modern man. I always thought the producers and directors did a great job of bringing the dinosaurs to life, and it made me feel like I was taking a step back into history with these awesome creatures.

Since it is my favorite movie, Jurassic Park is my go-to when it comes to putting in a DVD while doing chores or enjoying a night off. While doing some housekeeping yesterday, I debated whether or not to put in my favorite movie or watch whatever was on TV. I decided to give cable a chance but had no luck finding anything interesting until I settled on a station playing commercials, and I hoped something worth while was hiding behind the advertisements.

After the commercial break, a banner flashed across the screen stating Jurassic Park III was playing next, and I was thrilled at the idea that the movie was playing without me having to put it in the DVD player. What were the odds?

There is something special about your favorite movie being played on TV, which is not under our control. And I couldn’t help but think God must feel similarly when we choose to follow Him because God programs us to have free will.

God could have made us like a DVD player: choosing what we do and when. He could have made us like robots, automatically programmed to worship and love him, but he didn’t. There’s something special about someone you love loving you back with their own desire, which is not under out control.

There’s something special to God about us living for Him out of our own will and choice, which he chooses not to control.

I sat back and enjoyed beloved Jurassic Park III, and the original Jurassic Park followed.

I imagine God sits back and enjoys watching us to, watching us grow, serve and love one another when we choose to follow Him.


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