Father God

Sometimes I picture God reclining back in giant La-Z-Boy, feet stretched out and arms perfectly set on the two extra-large arm rests on each side. Sometimes I imagine Him sitting in His comfortable chair looking down on us like a grandfather watching his grandchildren play with toys on the floor, with very creative imaginations.

Sometimes I run to God while He is sitting in his chair, and I jump on his big inviting lap like a frightened child, and He wraps His mighty, compassionate, warm arms around me. And He tells me He loves me. He tells me everything will be alright.

Sometimes I can imagine God sitting in His throne watching the world below. I see Him calmly and certainly listening to all of our cries, cries for mercy, forgiveness and miracles. I see Him looking at us with a sparkle in  His eye saying, “Don’t worry, I got this.

And sometimes, like today, I see God watching us from his La-Z-Boy with much discomfort. I see tears begin to role down His face and His heart break as He watches His beloved people turn from Him again and again, turning from Good.

As I study through the Old Testament, I find myself viewing God very differently. As Yahweh reveals Himself more and more to the Israelites, I, too, am learning more and more about the Lord’s identity, and I see myself more and more as a wandering Israelite.

I am overwhelmed by the power of the Lord. He created this world and everything in it out of nothing, because He wanted to. He turned the Nile River into blood, filled the land with pesky locusts and frogs, and struck heirs of the disobedient dead. He parted a whole sea for His people to walk through, but closed the waters in on the Egyptians chasing after them. He supplied all the people with food to eat and water to sustain them.

And He suffered through heartbreak when His children turned from Him and created for themselves an idol to worship shortly after crossing the Red Sea.

The Old Testament is full of stories of God’s overwhelming power, but also His overwhelming heartbreak, which occurs over and over again. The prophetic books share this in detail, and I can’t help but wonder why God has always forgiven us, since the beginning of time He has shown grace to His people, giving them more opportunities.

And we continue to do just as the Israelites did: complain, disobey and prioritize our own desires before God. But God gives us more and more chances, it is through Grace we have been saved.

Though I feel God’s heart break like a loving father’s when we disobey, stumble and hurt ourselves, I picture His face radiating joy when we reach up to Him or run into His lap like a young child.

And when I envision this, I am filled with warmth and peace from the all-powerful Lord my God.


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