My Time with Bob Goff

I saw him walk into the banquet room during a lunch break between key speakers. I tried not to stare, to play it cool, like he was just like anyone else in the room. He sure acted like he was.

Bob Goff is not a normal person, but a person nonetheless. He is a brother in Christ, no matter how popular or positively powerful. He is one of the friendliest, most humble and loving people I have ever met.

I began reading his book, “Love Does,” about a year ago after the staff at my summer camp had read it. The stories he tells are very entertaining, but the fact that each story is true is inspiring.

He considers himself “the available guy,” and he even includes his cell phone number in the back of his top-selling book, and he answers. He took the time from his busy schedule of teaching law at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California and working as the Ugandan Consulate for the U.S. to speak at Harding and even sit for an interview with me.

When I first approached him, with slightly shaky hands, he was standing against a wall on his laptop preparing for his upcoming presentation. I did not want to disturb him, not did I want to set the wrong impression, but I knew this may be the only chance to ask him for an interview to help me write about the seminar for the next issue of our university’s newspaper.

I stuttered out a “Hi, Mr. Goff,” and he quickly lifted his head with a smile and wrapped me in a good ol’ Christian side hug and asked my name and how I was doing. Who does that to a stranger? Bob Goff.

He gave me answers to my questions I did not expect. I learned, though, that “Love Does” does not do him justice. He is more than an author, a teacher, or a traveling inspirational speaker. He is a man of God living up to the great commission, and every day striving to live it better.

I want to be like him. I want to be afraid of nothing and willing to do everything. I want to fall in love with God and trust him to take me anywhere, even when it is not according to my plans. His laid-back, free spirit is refreshing, and his impulsive decisions like leaving town or selling his cars crack me up. His laugh is pretty great, too.

He is a man of many adventures. He travels to the most dangerous corners of the world to spread the light of Jesus. He loves people he doesn’t like, and strives every day to be more humble, more merciful, and more loving. After all, that’s what love does.


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