Over the Hump of Sophomore Slump

Sophomore slump is a real thing.

At least, it was for me.

Freshmen year is filled with excitement. Everything is new: independence, friends, professors, adventures. Attending a private Christian school for the first time was overwhelming — invitations to devotionals almost every night, prayer in the classroom, and strangers who smile at you in passing while walking around campus. It was weird, and it was exciting.

Coming back for round two, though, was a little different. I had an established friend group, I hit up all the “must go” places around campus, and I was used to living in a dorm and living on my own.

Overwhelmed by schoolwork and the idea that my “fun year” was over, I became a hermit. I was spending my time after class cooped up in my dorm with a pile of homework and an agenda I couldn’t keep up with. I figured sophomore year was the time to” get serious about life” and prepare for the future. There would be no time for fun, I thought.

I was wrong. I quickly grew lonely and longed for those adventures from freshmen year. My first semester of sophomore year may have included less exciting events, but it consisted of amazingly beautiful moments that have helped to shape me spiritually, and that is the most exciting thing of all.

I learned the importance of being intentional. I learned the magic of coffee dates and the beauty of late-night talks. I learned the value of group dinners and conversations that evolve to tears instead of studying.

I am home now, sitting on my nice comfy couch, feet reclined and my dog snuggled by my side, and it is nice. It is refreshing to see family, catch up with old friends and spend days watching “Jurassic Park,” but I long for a coffee date, a late-night chat, and a dinner with my closest friends to talk about God and where we are in our journey.

I never knew friendships could run so deep, so close, and so strong. I never knew friendships could rest on the foundation of God, and He be the core of our love for each other and our desire to be a light in the world. Because of this, my friends are closer to me than family. We share in our faith, our doubts, our struggles, fears, and disappointments. We understand each others worries and ambitions, our pains and our joy. We laugh, we cry, and best of all, we pray together. We pray for each other, and we are always there for each other. Because of this, I don’t have to worry about sinking into another “slump.”

I think this is what God intended for the church to be: a body of people so close with relationships uncomprehendingly deep. I believe he means for us to share in our struggles and encourage one another. I believe he expects us to hold each other accountable and pray for one another daily, building one another up in Christ Jesus.

Freshmen year was full of new physical experiences, but so far my sophomore year has taken me new places spiritually, places I never dreamed of. I have been challenged, I have struggled, and I have doubted in my faith. I have been overwhelmed with school, the future, and my desires, but my friends, my rock, the church, have helped me overcome every hump in my spiritual walk. They have strengthened me and humbled me. They have comforted me, loved me, and shown me the light of Jesus. They are walking through this Christian journey with me, and God is our leader.

I cannot wait to grow even deeper with my friends, and I cannot begin to imagine what God will show me next through them.

These are my friends. They are my family. And I love them.

Thank you for getting me through my first three semesters, guys. Jesus and I love you!

“Two are better than one because they have good return for their work; if one falls down, their friend can help them up. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up.”

Ecclesiastes 4:9-10





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