God and Waldo

Remember the “Where’s Waldo?” books from your childhood?

Do you remember being frustrated or impatient while searching through hundreds of same-sized, same-colored cartoons all grouped together in a giant mass?

My friend and I sprawled out on the floor of Hasting’s one Sunday and flipped through children’s books, being a kid again for a couple hours. When we discovered a “Where’s Waldo?” book, we immediately dove into the book, preparing our eyes for a thorough investigation of the crowd to find our target.

It was hard, and I remembered how much I disliked “finding” Waldo. All of the characters on the page were interacting with each other. A man dropped a cake on another, a clerk is helping a man pick out a suit, a dog is flying across the page on a carpet. Hundreds of activities occurring at once. Lots of people making noise at once. Endless distractions acting as obstacles to prevent the seeker from finding the man of the book himself.

I Sometimes finding a connection with God is like finding Waldo in the midst of madness. It can be frustrating, annoying, and sometimes I feel like to giving up. But then I remember that God never gave up on us.

He did not give up on the world when Adam and Eve introduced sin, or when he sent the flood because the world was corrupt, or when the Israelites repeatedly turned from him after he delivered them from Egypt. God did not give up on Saul/Paul when he persecuted Christians, he did not give up on the church in Corinth who were struggling with unity, and he does not give up on his people today who live widely spiritual apathetic.

God is always there for us with open arms, even if sometimes we overlook his subtle work in our daily lives. Like Waldo, God is always present and visible, even if it is not easy to see.



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