Hurry Up

I hate when people walk slowly.

I hate when people lollygag lackadaisically in the middle of the sidewalk on campus, hogging the walkway like it’s a runway. It’s worse when the ground is muddy and there is no way around.

I know people don’t usually cause tardiness to class for the traffic jam behind them intentionally, but I wish people did not walk so dreamily that they forget about other people.

I’m guilty, too, but I don’t think life is meant to be walked through slowly. Life is fragile, but I don’t think it should be handled cautiously.

We don’t know how much time we have left.

Whether people die young or old, there’s one thing they have in common: they did not know exactly when they were going to die. Did they do everything they dreamed of doing? Did they forgive those who have done them wrong? Did they ask that cute girl/guy out on a date? Did they cross skydiving off their bucket list?

Did something prevent them from reaching their goals? Did fear, discomfort, or even other people? Was there something in front of them blocking the walkway to their next destination?

Sometimes you need to push a roadblock out of the way, and to not be wary about it.

I’m spending my bank account to teach English in Rwanda this summer with AfricaReads, Inc., a non-profit that works with schools in Rwanda by providing books, professional development for teachers, and English lessons to students (English is the new national language for Rwanda, which most do not speak fluently).

I am not a teacher nor a master of my own language. I am anxious and terrified, and that is why I cannot wait to go. I am excited to try something new, to explore new parts of the world and learn more about God’s people. I do not know what to expect, and I don’t think I could predict what will happen and what I will experience while I am in Africa, but I would never know if I was so eager to sign up after the first informational meeting when I did not have the funds but an overwhelming zeal for adventure.

I think people think too much sometimes, and the zeal ends up dying. There is no point in waiting. There is no reason to walk so slow you never visit your destinations. Take every moment in, of course, but do not move through life too slow to miss the flight to an adventure outside yourself.

The world is big, and our God is bigger. We can never explore all God has made or the places he can take us if we don’t keep moving.

So please don’t walk so slowly. Don’t be held back from your next destination, whatever that may be.

And don’t hold me back because I hate when people walk slow in front of me.


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