The Travel Bug

I have a travel bug, and it’s making me more sick every day.

Sick of school, sick of work, sick of late nights and waking up too late in the morning.

I Google “cheap ways to travel for college students” nearly every day. Iceland and Prague are among my top options. Maybe the Greek Islands or Switzerland. I haven’t decided where to go first, yet. One day.

I have an itch to go explore, to see the world behind my tower of textbooks and around my school’s little campus. The world is so much bigger than this.

I love my school, and I love my friends, but I love adventure, too, and that is something I have not been able to do for a while.

Sometimes I wish I could be a nomad. Sometimes I wish I had a never-ending flow of money coming into my bank account. Sometimes I consider taking a break from school to see all the wonders of the world.

But I can’t right now. I’m stuck on campus without a car, my working over 30 hours a week hardly fills my bank account, and I would not be able to get through life without the people God has placed in it.

In just two more weeks I will be exploring again, though it feels like it could not come quick enough. In just two more weeks I will be overwhelmed by a different culture and amazed at new scenery.

In just two more weeks, I will be able to stop procrastinating on my homework with planning new travels and writing new blog posts — in two more weeks I will already be traveling, and hopefully be able to keep up with blog posts.


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