Comfortably Confident

When I was a freshman in high school, a few friends in my gym class convinced me to stay after school to try out for the high school gymnastics team. I did not know what gymnastics was or what it consisted of, and I had no experience of bending my body unnaturally or flipping across a 4-inch beam.

So when tryouts came, I learned quickly how to suck-up my fear and try a hand-stand on a 4-inches-wide platform anyway, just because I was told to (I did not succeed). However, regardless of my inflexibility and my being scared out of my mind, the coaches saw potential in me and chose me to be part of the team.

Within the first few weeks I was running full speed toward a stationary table (vault) and learning how to jump and turn with pointed toes. My coaches added me to the competing list for the first meet, the list which I remained on for the next four years as I racked up regional-qualifying scores and medals. However, I would never had any success if it were not for my coaches who pushed me, encouraged me, and saw potential in me to gain higher skills and compete in more events than I could have ever imagined myself doing.

In gymnastics, confidence is key to everything. If you are not confident that you will land on the beam, you will fall off. If you are not confident you will block hard enough off the vault table, you better watch your head. If you are not confident you will not stick your last skill, you will wobble. It’s a mental sport.

Like gymnastics, success in life relies heavily on confidence. I am blessed to have a friend who pointed this out to me, another person who sees more potential in me than I do in myself. In order to become the writer I wanted to be, to gain the achievement I dreamed of having, I needed to learn to be secure in my decisions, trust myself and invest my entirety in my work in faith that I can make it turn out just the way I intend.

After all, how can one put their utmost effort into a project, major or job if they are not confident that they are in the right path? How could one want to continue pursing work that they do not feel excited about? If you’re not certain that your labor will be fruitful, your effort will be in vain. If you cannot defend your work, it will not be taken seriously.

Confidence is not cockiness. Assurance is edifying while pride is destructive. And when a mistake is made, take hold of the lessons learned from it without being discouraged. Don’t let anything hinder your passion, have faith in yourself and always give your best.

In the words of Demi Lovato, what’s wrong with being confident?


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