As I sit as in my boxy freshmen dorm room at Harding University, I am reminded of the journey before that has paved a way for the new adventures ahead. I remember my skinny legs dangling over the carpet as I sat in the mauve cushioned pews next to my grandparents on Sunday mornings. I still hold dear the memories made on grandmother-granddaughter road trips: ice cream stops twice a day, walking up creeks, standing on the edge of a mountain and admiring God’s creation. I remember deciding to take a road trip the night before, celebrating my birthday in the American Girl Place in Chicago, and walking on hot Florida sand as our feet would be emerged in sparkling Atlantic water.

My grandmother loves to travel. She enjoys new experiences, and she has been kind enough to share several traveling experiences with me. Through memories made like these throughout my childhood, I have developed my own interest in exploration. Years ago, my grandmother came back from a trip in the south, and she brought back a gift that would initiate many memories to come: a lime green suitcase with hot pink polka dots, and a perfectly pressed pink bow over the front. This was a much-needed piece of  luggage, since before I used only a blue and red toddler sized pack with mini airplanes that covered the front.

The green polka-dotted suitcase must have been designed by a person of creativity. He or she was most likely someone who loved color and dressed like a rainbow. This person was probably fun and outgoing but it also represents the college of people who cover the earth.

Everyone had been designed by someone creative, outgoing, loving, and fun. Everyone has been made in the image and likeness of our Creator, just as my polka-dotted suitcase was creative out of the likeness of its designer.  As I continue to pack up my suit case to set out on all my amazing adventures, I continually bring home gifts of heart-warming memories and life-changing stories of the diverse people God has uniquely created. The green polka-dotted suitcase will always pack new inspiring stories ready to be opened and learned.


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